Feeding Tips

Keep your snake eating reliably!


Snake Feeding

Feeding Frozen Thawed.

  • Snakes are shy eaters so pick a time to feed the snake so it is not going to be bothered.
  • Pick the appropriate sized frozen rodent to feed your pet reptile. Keep the frozen rodent in the plastic bag and allow a period of time for the frozen rodent to thaw before feeding. For faster thawing you should keep the frozen rodent in the plastic bag and put in a cup of warm water. Rodents should be at room temperature before feeding.
  • Feed your reptiles separately and in a secondary habitat (whenever possible).
  • Once the frozen rodent is completely thawed, remove from plastic bag and use feeding tongs to jiggle the rodent in front of your pet reptile to entice a feeding response. Using the tongs, hold the rodent by the tail or back end.  Hold the rodent a few inches in front of the snake’s face and jiggle slightly to imitate movement.  Once the snake grabs the rodent, hold and jiggle for another second and then release.
  • If the snake does not grab the rodent from the tongs, place the rodent on the bottom of the holding bin and allow the snake to try eating on its own.

Snake Feeding Tips.

  • It is common for snakes to occasionally skip meals. Skipping the occasional feeding will not harm the snake and snakes will often refuse to eat when they are in shed.  If the snake is getting ready to shed they will have opaque eyes and pale scales it takes a couple days to go through a shed and will clear up before you see the shed.
  • Are the temperature’s correct for the snake? Is there a cool side and a hot side?
  • Does the snake have areas in which it can hide? Snakes like small spaces in which to hide.

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