Fulfill your pet reptile's carnivorous needs and predatory instincts with this natural product from Mack's Natural Reptile Food™.


Frozen Rodents - Singles

Now available. Our new singles are perfect for that one time feeding, just thaw and feed. Mack's Natural Reptile Food has complete solutions for your reptilian pets, beginning with pinkie mice, all the way to large rats so that you can get the perfect size for your pet as it grows.


Frozen Rodents - Boxes

Most snakes and many other pet reptiles are carnivores and need to feed on rodents as they do in their natural habitat and we carry a large range of sizes for your reptiles. Our convenient sized boxes are perfect for most hobbyists. Call us today to stock our complete range for your pet store.


Frozen Rodents - Bulk

We stock a large range of bulk frozen rodents in multiple sizes and quantities so that you can get the perfect sizes for your in-store reptiles and save. Be sure to ask about our freezer program and how we can help you be successful in selling high quality reptile food. Wholesale Only.



Breeder Preferred

This food is also used by many world class reptile breeders so you can be confident that you are giving your pet the very best food available.


Humanely Raised

All Mack’s Natural Reptile Food™ is raised by the leading suppliers in sanitary, healthy environment to ensure the best results possible.


Top Nutrition

We select only the highest quality rodents which have been expertly raised and fed a highly nutritious diet to provide your reptiles with the optimal nutritional requirements.


Shipped Fresh

With the best shipping record in the reptile business, you can be confident that your orders from us will arrive fresh and ready to feed your pets.

Keep your pet reptiles in optimum health

with Mack's Natural Reptile Food.

Look for us wherever quality pet foods are sold.



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Both reptiles and rodents can carry diseases that are transferable to humans.
Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling either your pet or frozen rodents you may be feeding them.


How many Crickets does a Chameleon eat each day?
We have the answer here…


Getting your snake to eat frozen rodents is convenient and easier than you think. Find out how here…

Feeding Tips

At Mack’s Natural Reptile Food™ we really care about your pet.  That’s why we are proud to offer you comprehensive feeding tips.  We want to make sure you get the most benefit from our products, and have the happiest, healthiest reptiles around for years to come.

We are highly rated with the BBB
for our excellent service.
Always buy from a reputable source.

Wholesale Only

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